Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Granddaughter's Ikebana

Jordan asked her mother once, "What does Ikebana mean?"
"You ask A-Po [grandma in Hakka], she will tell you," her mother said.
I said to her, "Ikebana is the Japanese style of flower arrangement that A-Po is still learning now."
I showed her some of my work. Jordan and Devin stayed with me last week because their parents (my son and daughter in law) went to Italy for their ten year anniversary vacation. So Jordan wanted to play Ikebana with me. She went to the garden to pick some flowers and then drew some pictures. Then she arranged the flowers using two glasses. After that she held my hand to go to the sun room and she said "SURPRISE! These are my Ikebana, A-Po."
"It's so beautiful, Jordan!" I said. Indeed, it's so cute and beautiful! I was so moved and delighted.
She is just six years old! (7/28/2011)


  1. She is such a sweet girl! And learning from Po-po to love flowers...:)

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    1. An idiom that often say by many people is corrected, "Children see, children do" . It could be possible one day your grand daughter will be Lynn no.2.:-). Moreover, I suggest you to do some flowery research in Tang Dynasty. You might surely get a lot of inspiration from there, the arts of flowers arrangement is closed to Ikebana. Finally, I attached a video to you, hopefully this video helps you a bit. Is about the golden ratio. The universal, natures, creatures, flowers, plants growing patterns and many do follow this rule. Please help yourself copy and paste the link below.