Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ladyslipper Orchids

Paph. and Phrag., the tropical ladyslipper orchids, are easy to grow and very rewarding. They need re-potting every six months if possible, and they need lots of water with good drainage and light fertilizer. They are long lasting orchids too.

Phragmipedium "Don Wimber" (Eric young x besseae)
I have this one blooming every year. It always gets first place at the show table. After it bloomed four flowers and they faded one by one, I was just about to cut the stem off and I found a new bud forming. So surprised!

Paphiopedilum " Golddollar"
This one didn't bloom last year. This year, it not only bloomed but also had two flowers (usually it only has one flower). It's rare to see two flowers together.

Paph. " Pinocchio" (Three flowers blooming together is very rare! The day after I snapped the picture on the right, one of the flowers fell.)
I highly recommend this one for your orchid collection because they seem to never stop blooming, the buds are produced one after another. This one flowered for 18 months straight two years ago. I will see how long it will last this year. It started to bloom last April and it's still going strong. Do they look like three pairs of lovely dancing shoes?

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