Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Morimono For Thanksgiving Dining Table

View from front (top) and back ( bottom).

I arranged these at home the day before the lesson. Bottom pictures are side views.

These arrangements are for the Thanksgiving dinner table. Even though I made one last year, this time the teacher wanted us to use vegetables, fruits, and one that should be viewed from all angles. Display on plate, cloth or large leaf was our choice. So this year's Thanksgiving center piece design, as you can see above, suited all my teacher's requirement. I used a drift wood to connect both sides. My teacher made a very good point that one side should be smaller, so I took some vegetables and fruits out.
Compared to last year's arrangement, I like this year's better. Going through all my ikebana blog pictures, I think I am improving not just skills but also in confidence. So many things to be thankful for, this is one of them! ( 11/16/2010)

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