Thursday, March 24, 2011

Orchids in March

Onc. Chaculatun " Golden Pacific"
I don't grow or have this orchid, but I was lucky enough to get it from this month's raffle.

Onc. Sherry Baby and Cymbidium. Below is Onc."Hawaii sunset." These three orchids along with other BCOS members' orchids were in the SEPOS (Southeast Pennsylvania Orchid Society) International Orchid Show this weekend in Longwood Garden.

Left: Cattleya (name unknown). Small cluster flowers, it skipped blooming last year. I think I neglected it a little bit last summer.
Right: Dendrobium (I lost the name). It is blooming for the first time, but it only has one flower. Maybe lacking sun?
Both orchids were given to me by two friends who divided their orchids a couple years ago.

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