Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Orchids in May

I wish this medium sized white Catelleyas could last until for my daughter's wedding (less then 5 weeks away). She always wants her bridal bouquet to have this kind of orchid, just like mine (which was from my father's orchid collection). I might have to look for it somewhere else to fulfill her wish. Usually there are not many blooming Cats in the summer time.

Zygonisla Cynosure " Blue Birds"
Three years ago this was a young plant, it's the second time it's bloomed now. I can't believe how easy it is!

Left-Huge, 7 inches flower on big plants. Fragrant
Right- Encyclia "Green Hornet" Buds are produced one after another, it's still going strong.

Left- I divided it into two plants last summer, both were blooming through April to early May.
Right- This is the same orchid as the first picture above, it's been blooming for 4 weeks now.( 5/31/2011)

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