Friday, August 12, 2011

Orchids in August

Onc. Mendenhall "Hildos"
After I repotted this plant in May, before I knew it, it started to spike. Now it's in full bloom. I always love this orchid but it seems difficult to flower. I am thrilled this time.

Oncidium Alliance "Wild Cat"
Last July, it had more flowers and it cascaded more beautifully than this time.

L. Purpurata var. carnea x Bl. Richard Mueller
Surprise! It's blooming at my orchids' "vacation site" (under a big pine tree outside). I didn't check them regularly because I've been out of town a lot. When I discovered this flowering there, one of the flowers had already faded and fell down. (Please check the same one last year Oct. 2010).

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