Monday, October 31, 2011

He is so adorable

What does the Ikebana have to do with this cute little boy. Are they related?
Oh, yes! These Ikebana materials were collected from his home during my stay in my daughter's house taking care of him for a week, while his parents and sister (3 years old) went to Disney World for a meeting and vacation. So we, the grandparents and grandson, had so much fun and quality time together. He is such a cute one year old boy. I am posting this picture proudly to share with you.

A piece of wood panel, front and back. (9"5x13"5 )
Hurricane Irene damaged a big hollow tree on my daughter's neighbor's front yard. I asked the worker who was cutting the tree for this interesting piece of wood, thinking that I can use it for Ikebana. Below is my arrangement. The beautiful Azalea branches were from my daughter's garden. You can turn the lazy Susan base to view it all around.

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