Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Orchids in November

This Thursday is our Bucks County Orchid Society meeting. I have missed two meetings already. I am going to bring four plants (below) to the meeting this time to compete. Hopefully I can get some awards!

Pot. Mysteve Natsumi. It has more flowers than last year.

Milttassia "Xenia" (Milt. Bluntii '4n' x Milt.Clowesii '4n) fragrant in the morning.

Brassia Winter Wonderland " White Fairy"
My blog shows that it bloomed for the first time in January 2010. Now I'm posting it again in this month's blooming orchids. It has 8 flowers and is much bigger than last time.

The left was divided from the same one that I posted last month(please check it). But this one bloomed a month later.
The right is Mitassia Charles H. fitch "Izumi"(I found its name from this month's Judge).
The orchids above are all fall bloomers.

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