Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ikebana in the Japanese Tokonoma (Alcove)

I took these Ikebana pictures in the different hotels I stayed in during my vacation to Kyushu (the southern part of Japan from 1/18 to1/22). The arrangements are very simple and elegant. Usually the arrangement is placed in a Japanese room called "Tokonoma" in which objects art, painting and flower arrangements are displayed.


  1. Good afternoon Mss. Lynn
    Thank you for this fantastic blog , you have a nw follower from Spain. I am starting in Ikebana, unfortunately is not easy for me to find teacher near to my town. I made one week end lessons and I have the materials to do it ( Kenzan , suiban.. ) MAy I ask you one question ? Is there any blooming problem if I cut my phalaepnosis and cambia to do my Ikebanas. There were so pretty that I was scare to damage them. Could you recommend me some other orchids to have at home ? Kind regards,

  2. Hi Rachel,
    Thank you for your kind comments! I also feel it's a pity to cut an orchid bloom, especially phalaepnosis since they usually have only one stem. But if you have a really good idea for ikebana, then why not? Though you would probably have to wait another year for it to bloom. If your home has lots of bright light, then you can try growing cattleya orchids (see my Jan 2012 post). They have multiple blooms and occasionally I'll use one in my ikebana. Cymbidiums are also good because they don't fade fast (but you need a tube for both because the stems are short). Any orchid you can grow at home if you have the right conditions, mainly light. Good luck!