Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Orchids Bloom

After I was absent three weeks away from home last month, I was so happy and excited to see all my orchids were fine and some were blooming (I watered them more and lowered the room temperature to 60F degrees before leaving).
I brought 6 orchid plants to BCOS 's meeting tonight (2/16/2012). My Cymbidiums always get 1st place.

Cymbidium "Moonstone" It has three stems. This was a subdivided from a previously crowded plant which had 12 flower stems last year, it's so striking!
These Cymbidiums I can't trace their original name.
Left:Brassia Winter Wonderland " white fairy." It has 5 flowers. This is a subdivision of the one I posted last November that bloomed. It had 7 flowers. This one is blooming now. Right: Bllra. Tahoma Glacier "Green" 3 flowers, first time blooming.

Left: Cattleya. Name unknown.
Right: Dendrobium. Spring Dream "Kumiko"

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