Friday, April 20, 2012

April Orchids Bloom

I brought these three orchids to the BCOS meeting tonight (4/19). There were not many blooming orchids at this time on the show table as last month.

Max. Tenuifolia. The flower only 1.5 inches in size.
Our society member Andy gave me this plant after he divided the original plant couple years ago. I treat all my orchids equally, some faithfully bloom every year and some you just have to wait...wait for many years. Sooner or later it will bloom surprisingly. It happened to me in many cases (above picture is one of them). That is the joy of  growing orchids.

L. Purpurata var. carnea x BI. Richard Mueller
This one blooms every year faithfully.

Onc. Mtdm. "Isaku Nagata"
Its fragrance fills the room in the morning pleasantly.


  1. I make a similar orchid orchid like the one in the top photo in sugarpaste.. it is purple with spotted petals.

  2. Wonderful! I would love to see a picture if you have one online.