Monday, September 10, 2012

Autumn Harvest Exhibition

Grace Taiwanese Presbyterian Church holds an Autumn harvest exhibition (9/8-9/9/ 2012) each year. I am so pleased and thankful that Grace Church gave me the opportunity to practice Ikebana. All my flower materials were from my friend's garden (she is a master gardener).
Here are my four arrangements from the exhibition:
Horizontal Style: Final version, this one got many complements.
Ikebana and Paper: Recycled bouquet wrapping paper
and same color tone flowers(phlox, dahlia and zinnia),
 I used metallic structure to support other materials.

Upright Style: More than basic upright style, using drift
wood to balance and harmonize the whole outlook. 

Free Style: I just changed the flowers (sedum and dahlia)
from a previous arrangement.

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