Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Orchids Bloom in May

Time to post my blooming orchids for the month of May and I would like to bring 4 of them to the meeting (5/16/2013) except the last picture, the big purple cattleya. It's fading now.
Paph. Delenatii  x  Paph. Chamberlainium " long life "
It finally bloom again. I have been waiting for two years and it's better
 than ever. I am so delighted. 

Cat. name unknown. First time bloom
Pure white and it's so cute.

L. Purpurata Var. Carneax Bl. Rachard Mueller
Faithfully bloom every year 

C. Jackfowlieara  Appleblossom
This is a division from the plant ( right).
which got first place last meeting.

Cattleya . Irene Finney.  Large purple

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