Friday, June 21, 2013

June Orchids Bloom and Award Night

Paph. Pinocchio. Buds are produced one after another. It seems never-ending.
One plant became two from division last year. I am so glad that both are
 blooming at the same time.

Paph. Delenatii x Paph. Chamberlainum " Long Life"
Please compare the same one from last month, now almost in full bloom.

Onc. Sharry Baby. " Sweet Fragrance" AM/AOS
Smells like chocolate, easy to grow. 

Blc. Hawaiian Passion " Carmela"
Award night banquet favor
 to take home. (6/20/2013)
Slc. Final Touch "Mendenhall"
AM/AOS. The flower is very flat.
I love the color.

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