Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ikebana Exhibition at Shofuso Japanese House and Garden

The 2nd annual Summer Ikebana exhibition by members of Ikebana International (II) Philadelphia chapter #71 was held on 8/23 to 8/25 at Shofuso Japanese House and Garden in Philadelphia Fairmount Park. My sensei was able to obtain 3 spots for us to present our work of ikebana. In the class prior to the event we all tried out hard. Finally, we had three beautiful arrangements to display into the three assigned spots along with the other fourteen arrangements from different school to fill in the entire house.
This was my first exhibition in this historic Japanese House and I had the honor to present my arrangement, along with other Sogetsu and Ohara arrangements in the main Reception Room. I am very thankful to my senei's instruction and have this chance to display my work for public viewing, and my thanks to my classmate Doris's help.
Below are the photos of Japanese garden and Ikebana exhibition:
The first Japanese garden in North America was Installed here in 1876.
The garden has been gradually expanded and renovated since 1957.

Eighty main stones were shipped from the old temple in central Japan.
 Continuous improvement to the recent beautiful garden. 

Arranged by me, displayed at Reception Room. right side.

Close up view. I treated the big tree mushroom with diluted
Clorox and hair spray after sun dried.

Other II member from Sogetsu  school  displayed at the
 reception room left side

Ohara school  from II member displayed at the
center of the reception room.

My classmate Betty's arrangement in tea bridge shelf

My classmate Chih's two arrangements (see below) placed at
the kitchen, related and face each other.

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