Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Evergreen Taiwan - My Mother Land (5/5a)

After eight days of Japan, my husband and I flew to Taiwan. Taiwan is a subtropical country, the mountains, fields and plants will remain green. When westerners travel to Taiwan, they are surprised and call out "Illa Formosa!" like the Dutch when they first landed in Taiwan in the sixteenth century.We stayed in Taiwan from 10/25 to 11/6/2013. During this time we traveled on a high speed train from the north (Taipei and surrounding area ) to the south (Kaoshiung area), visited our relatives and friends. The weather was even warmer than Japan and a bit humid, but no typhoon. We were so lucky that the whole three weeks vacation ended perfectly!
Yangming shan (mountain)

Ever green mountain
Lily Pond looks like a Monet's painting

Rice field
View from Shitosan ( Lion head mountain )

Betel nut tree

Plant with lace leaves

The market fair, under the famous special dyed canopy 

Road side musician singing Taiwanese folk songs 
Young women from the A-May tripe

Color dome by Italian artist at Formosa Subway Station in Kaoshiung

Two pairs of  wood clog, gift for my granddaughters

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