Friday, January 17, 2014

January Orchids Bloom

The members of BCOS brought a lot of orchids to the meeting last night. The long tables were filled with beautiful orchids for competition. The speaker talked about the importance of water to the orchid's growth and how to get rid of minerals which may harm the orchids. In short, the purity of water for the orchids can make a big difference in their overall vitality.
Below are my orchids I brought to the meeting.
Cymbidium " Moonstone"  It has 6 stems.
Easy to grow and flowering.
Cat. Compact plant, small flower (only 2" in size)

 No name ( I lost it)
Brassia. Winter Wonderland
"White Fairy"
Cat. Bllra. Tohoma Glacier "Ithan" AM/AOS  Fragrant
Big plant, the flowers are about 6" in size

Cat. It has been blooming for
three weeks
 part of members' orchids at
 the show table

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