Sunday, March 8, 2015

Brazil Trip - Miscellaneous 8

The Brazil trip was from 2/14 to 2/26/2015. The journey had come to the end. It's nice to go to the warm weather for a change. Even though we are back to the reality (7 inches snow three days ago), but the Spring is approaching soon. Here are the last pictures I would like to show you.
Brazilian Hakka Taiwanese lady performed Hakka Tea song

Hakka flower umbrella dance (the 2nd generation)

The 1st generation old folk performed Taiwanese Aborigine dance
Hakka young generation's Fan  dance
Apollo Tree?

I noticed many of this beautiful purple blue flower tree on the
 road side. Its name is MANACA 

Parana pine is an en-dangerous pine tree, only grow in this\part
of South America. 

Small pink flower growing  in the pit of  big rocky hill.

In front of  gift shop

So excited to see the blooming orchids in  road side

I saw Cattleya and Dendeobium orchids grow on the tree.
I never seen the butterfly like this one, the pattern match the
shirt well (below) 

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