Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hello Spring!

Judith Setsuko Hata Sensei and her students (Sogetsu Wasetsu Group) held an Ikebana Flower Exhibition at the Nippon Club, NYC. April 7-9-2016. Hata Sensei is a Senior Teacher of Sogetsu Ikebana, Riji Rank, the highest teacher's degree. She learned her art directly under Sofu Teshigahara, founder of the Sogetsu school, and then under his daughter and successor, Kasumi Teshigahara. Over 50 years, she has led her Study Group, comprised of students from all over the New York metropolitan area and the world.
As I mentioned before, she comes to our Main Line study group (PA) once a month to teach us. I am lucky enough to be one of her students. She is in her 80s, I admire her youthful look and energy. I believe her passion for Ikebana does all of this!
The first three pictures were Hata Sensei's arrangements. The other were some of her students' arrangements.


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