Sunday, April 2, 2017

Interview by PHS "GROW" Magazine

If you are a member of  Pennsylvania Horticulture Society (PHS), you will get the seasonal magazine "GROW" four times a year. In this Spring issue, it has a lots of information about the 2017 Philadelphia flower show having the theme "Holland: Flowering the World." Beside all of the other topics is an article about Ikebana, for which I was interviewed by writer Laura Brandt.  On page 29-30, the article is called "DESIGN-Fresh Ideas for Building Beauty." It features my flower arrangement for the 2015 August Summer exhibition of Ikebana International Philadelphia Chapter #71,  held at Shofuso Japanese House and Garden in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park. Laura asked me lots of questions about Ikebana, its history, my learning experience and what kinds of  hints that I could give to the readers who are interested in Ikebana.
If you would like to see the article, here is the link: GROW magazine

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