Sunday, May 7, 2017

Back from 11th World Ikebana International Convention (1)

I was sick with a respiratory infection starting on the last day of the Okinawa Ikebana International Convention (4/15) and then in Taiwan (4/16-4/20). Even though I have been back home for 2 weeks, I am still not feeling well enough to do my blog work here. But I will start to post some pictures from my camera. Here are some different Ikebana schools' head master's arrangements:
Because my photos of the stage demonstration are not very clear from the convention, please see the posts from my fellow blogger Christopher here and Emily here. I was excited to meet both of them in person. They both live in Australia, and I follow their blogs from the other side of the world.


  1. Lyn... your pictures are beautiful! We're so proud to have you in the Bucks County Orchid Society! Sincerely, Sandy Kern

  2. Thank you very much, Sandy!