Saturday, July 8, 2017

Preparing for TAC/EC Conference Ikebana Exhibition (1)

 When our Sogetsu Ikebana study group was asked to provide a program about Ikebana in the 2017 Taiwanese American Conference/ East Coast (TAC/EC), it was short notice.  We had to prepare the whole thing, such as the stage decoration, poster, member's demonstration and exhibition. June was a busy month for preparation. We had 16 study group members participate in the exhibition and 4 members to do the Ikebana demonstration. My job was to design a poster, help decorate the stage for the music concert, providing one arrangement and a demonstration. All of these had to be done and ready for July 1.
1) Here is my first try for the exhibition piece, using a tall ceramic container and dried vine and leaves. The seasonal materials are mock orange flower and magnolia leaves. I fully understand the flower might not be available by then. So, I plan to change other flowers when the time comes. 
2) For my demonstration, I am thinking about using my two bamboo containers combined and arranged as one arrangement., but it will be using different flowers.  For now, I am using Hydrangea, knowing that it will be changed.

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