Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Thanksgiving with Family

Thanksgiving has come and gone. The weather here was just perfect, sunny and warm. Forty seven years ago, there were only two of us: my husband and me. Now, he is a retired physician, my son has followed his footsteps, my daughter (an architect) helped us design and renovate this comfy, beautiful retirement house, and our youngest daughter is a high school principal in New York City. This past June she had her school's first graduation (she founded the school), and 95% of her seniors graduated. We are so proud of her! We also have our four grandchildren, they are good kids and healthy. We have 12 people in total in the family by now. We are thankful for so many things, and our family being together, happy and healthy, is what we are most thankful for!
Using all the materials I had on hand to make an arrangement in ten minutes.
My four grandchildren and their cousin are sitting at kids table.
Climbing up a tree at Washington Crossing park

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