Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

In Hata Sensei's class this month, we celebrate Eastern New Year and Western holiday traditions in our arrangements. So, we only need to arrange two holiday celebration arrangements in the morning, followed by a year end pot luck luncheon. For Christmas, traditionally use color red, green and white. For the New Year, we need to use Japanese traditional materials like pine, bamboo, chrysanthemum, red berries, lily, nandina and any budded branch... The mizuhiki (Japanese paper string, for celebration) can be use for both design. Sensei said using mizuhiki in Western arrangement can be striking and modern looking.
Poinsettia, treated baby's breath, holy and spread painted azalea / metal container
Pine, nandina, mum, winter berry, spread painted azalea branch
 and budded lilac branch with mizuhiki / ceramic container

Winter berry, mum, pine and branch with mizuhiki / ceramic container

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