Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Sidney, the Dog

My husband and I have been taking care of my daughter Melanie's dog for three weeks because she and her husband flew to Sri Lanka to attend her good friend's wedding. The dog Sidney, a Havanese, is small, friendly and very cute. He does not like cold weather and likes to chase squirrels.

Over the holidays, my grandchildren visited. They love playing with Sidney and tried to help take care of  him. On the day before Christmas, my two grandchildren took Sidney for a walk, and soon after they reached the street out front, they rushed home, terrified and crying, saying a big dog was attacking Sidney and that he's dying!! I stormed out with my pajamas on, picked up a stick on the ground, and tried to scare the big dog away. The dog had Sidney in his jaws and Sidney was so still, we did think he was dead. But with me waving the stick at the dog, he finally let go and Sidney sprang to his feet. My daughter, Vivian, who also ran after me to help, scooped up Sidney from the ground then carried him home.

Sidney was so frightened, and he seemed hurt. My husband and son-in-law brought Sidney to the Animal Hospital to get evaluated. For the most part, everything was all right. Sidney had a puncture wound under his jaw and some superficial wounds on his ear and body. He was wearing a vest for warmth, and that might have saved him. For two days, he just wanted someone to hold him all the time. I think he was in traumatic shock!

For the next few days, Sidney limped with his front leg. My husband fed him antibiotics and pain killers. It took about a week, but Sidney is back to normal and jumping around.  He seems totally fine. We told Melanie the whole story when they arrived back from Sri Lanka because we didn't want to worry them during their vacation.

When Melanie and Peter came home to bring Sidney back to NYC, the three of them were so excited and happy! Especially Sidney. I just wonder...does he remember what happened during this episode!?

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