Monday, February 19, 2018

Three Lessons on Febuary 19 - Dried, Bleached or colored Materials Arrangement and... Two Orthers

Hata Sensei was absent today. Because of she had car problem. I felt a little bit disappointed, but her safety is the most concern, after all, she is ninety years old. But her energy and stamina inspire us a great deal and I think Ikebana could be making everybody look younger!
So, we had Midori Sensei (she is our classmate also a wonderful teacher too) substituted to instruct us. 
Three lessons:
1) Dried, Bleached or colored materials (book 4-13)
2) Color of the container (book 3-10)
3) Choose one of Sofu's 50 principle: express it with your own arrangement
Dried Palm leave, statice, baby's breath and vine

This ceramic container has three holes

Azalea, tulip and Spring flower were picked to suit the glass container
One of Sofu's 50 principle: Line, mass and color are three elements 

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