Monday, April 2, 2018

Golden Anniversery

March 30, 2018 was our 50th anniversary. All my three children and their spouses plus four grandchildren came home for a day of celebration. It was also Easter weekend. After we finished our feast in the restaurant, we came home to have the desert, Brooklyn bakery cakes. My husband and I were so happy and proud of the good progress of our family; the successful careers of our 2nd generation children and the doing well in school of our 3rd generation grandchildren. The most important and fortunate aspect is everybody is in good health. Thank you for these blessings.
I received this flower bouquet from my children. The colors reflect this occasion. I used most of the flowers to make an Ikebana arrangement to memorialize our golden anniversary.
We have been planing a family vacation trip to Umbrie Italy in August. It is part of our anniversary celebration and family reunion too. We are all looking forward to it!
Golden color and five rinds for the Golden Anniversery

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