Sunday, January 31, 2010

Three Different Kinds of White Orchids

Dendrobium "Spring Dream Kumiko"
In this January's B.C.O.S. meeting I brought five different kinks of orchids to our show table. I posted three here. In this group there were many other Dendrobiums better than mine. I didn't get any place.

Brassia "White fairy"
I have had this one for a long time, it started to bloom last year. I am thrilled that it bloomed again, better than ever before. I got 2nd place in this group (Oncidium Alliance).

Cymbidium "Moonstone"
First place! I divided this one last year right after it finished blooming (there were 12 stems and more than a hundred flowers). It was so crowded, so I divided it into three plants. I gave one to my daughter in-law. She told me that hers has 5 stems and has a lot of flowers too. The 3rd one I gave to my daughter, it didn't bloom. I think it might still be too young or unsuited for her N.Y.C. apartment environment.

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