Friday, February 21, 2014

February Orchid Bloom 2.

Our BCOS member John Kulhman is a speaker for tonight's meeting. He shares his last years's Ecuadorian Adventure experience. Where he saw many orchids in their natural setting. This is a very informative and a good presentation.
Below are my another part of blooming orchids for this month. I brought two different kind of Cymbidiums and one Cattleya to the show table tonight. (2/20/2014)
The society found the name for this Cymbidium.
Cym. Showgirl  "The Bride" 

Blc. Hawaiian Lightening "colorful"

Paph. Pinocchio
It had been flowering for 9
month without stopping.
Another plant of  Cym. Show
 girl. Only one stem this year.
You can enlarge to see clearly

Cym. Ivy Fan

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