Thursday, February 27, 2014

Free Style - Large Arrangement

The size of  this arrangement should be fitted in 2' x 2' x 2'and1/2' platform. These pictures below are my arrangement of the day before class, done in class and after the class rearrangement.
The material: Bamboo, Spider mum, Alstroemeria, Pine and silver spread Allium seed pod.
Container: Rosenthal ceramic vase (10"x 8"x 5")
Left side bamboo stick is not high enough.
Too many flowers?

Less flowers now, but bottom bamboo should
be in different length.
 Rearranged at home, bamboo frame is finally
 right. How about the flowers?
To carry all Ikebana materials ( bucket of plant materials, kenzan, container, tool and etc) and driving to teacher's class room and arrange there. After class, take them all apart and driving home to rearrange it, is not always an easy task, very often the final composition is not exactly the same any more.

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