Thursday, July 10, 2014

2014 Taiwanese American Conference / East Coast - Ikebana Exhibition

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There were more than 600 people coming from all over the East Coast of the US to the beautiful East Stroudsburg University, PA (near Mount Pocono). Not only to celebrate Independence Day, but also for the Taiwanese American Conference East Coast (TAC/EC). This was a good chance for families to unite, catch up with old friends and meet new people. There were all kinds of programs and workshops of your choice to participate, and updated information from our homeland Taiwan and news around the world. This year's theme was "America's Security and Taiwan's Freedom." And the complicated relations between Taiwan and China were discussed. Especially, Taiwan's upcoming election this November, which is very important for Taiwan's future.
In addition, our Ikebana group, under Ms. Lin's leadership, played a very important role, to decorate the stage's flower arrangement, to arrange flowers for exhibition, and to demonstrate and give the Ikebana workshop. To keep all the materials as fresh as possible for 5 days was not an easy task.
We used a lot of sunflowers; not only are they beautiful summer flowers, they also echo Taiwan students' "Sunflower Movement", insisting on Democratic Values and Self Determination for Taiwan.

Here is the entrance of the cafeteria. I designed the whole look with poster and wood. (7/3 sunflower wilted, 7/5 changed to another look.) By Lynn Lee.
Right side of  Stage, designed with Sensei's custom made wooden fans,
behind the fans is my house plant (to keep fresh all the time).  By Lynn Lee
Left side of stage, designed with bamboo. By Lititia Chen

By Sensei  Ms. Lin 
"You in Ikebana" By Ms. Lin

 Use two beautiful tree barks, design By Jun Wu

By Mary Swierczynski
Side view. by Ms. Lin
By Vivian Fu
Demo. piece: Fruits and Vegetable. By Chih Huang
By Alice Chen

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