Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ikebana Exhibition for TAC / EC (3)

Our Ikebana arranging group (10 people) had been working very hard to get ready for the exhibition before opening to the public. On July 4th, 5 certified teachers plus our Sensei held several Ikebana demonstrations and ran a workshop. We had 17 people participate. At the end, we had nearly 40 pieces of arrangements for display. We had many visitors see our exhibition with compliments.
I should say it was a successful event under the leadership of our Sensei. It is truly "Friendship through flowers" indeed.
This is my demo piece (Dried wood branch). Emphasized  the beauty of  wood
and three elements "Line, Color and Mass"  By Lynn Lee 

Allium and silver sprayed Allium seed pot aroused a
great deal of interest for the viewers.   By Lynn Lee

By Chih Huang
By Mary Swierczynski

By June Wu
By Betty Tsai  
Using garden net.  By Betty Tsai 
The hardy Orange branch (she grows her own) painted black
 with white Calla lily.  By Lititia Chen
By Doris Liu
Workshop Piece 
By Chih Huang. 
By Sensei  Meei- Huey Lin

By Anna Liao
By Doris Liu
By Tuanhwa Cheng
Demo piece, glass and contemporary arrangement.
By June Wu

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