Sunday, March 6, 2016

2016 Philadelphia Flower Show Preparation (1)

This year I got to participate in the Ikebana exhibition at the Philadelphia Flower Show. I am so excited and honored. My preparation and setup of Ikebana fell on the first rotation, which started on Thursday (3/3) and broke down on Monday night (3/7). Selecting my materials to last 5 days long was very important. So my flower choices were pincushion Protea (Tango), alstromeria, leucodendron and philodendron.
When we got to the convention center (the flower show site) to set up our arrangements, I saw all kinds of construction going on...big trees, small bushes, lots of potted flowers, cinder blocks, peat moss, etc... all scattered everywhere. It looked like a war zone. It was hard to believe that it will be finished and beautiful to face the public the next day!
These are the pictures I took when some arrangements were finished. Different lighting shows the different color result. (3/3/2016)
My arrangement on a 2' x 2' x 2'.5" platform.
Siberian dog wood, painted bamboo, protea,
alstromeria, leucodendron and philodendron.
Artist signed ceramic vase from Taiwan (Sogetsu) 

Wood structure and arrangement made
 by Meei Huey Sensei (3' x 3' x 3' platform)
Arrangement by Sarah and Debby ( 3' x 6' x 1' Sogetsu school)
Arrangement by classmate Mercia (Sogetsu School)

Ohara school, this will be displayed whole time (4'x8'x18")
Ikenobo school
Ikenobo school
Ikenobo school


  1. Hi, I'm very interested to see what's going on in the ikebana world outside of Japa. What an honor for you to be able to participate in such an amazing display. I loved your arrangement, the branches and the sweeping flowers are such a good contast

  2. I am glad you like my work, thank you very much!