Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Class for March

Hata Sensei's class for March were:
1) Variation #3 Upright Style Nageire
Practiced the skill of fixing the branch in Nageire (long tall container) to be in the right angle or degrees.
Wild cheery blossom, Daffodil and green
2) Freestyle: All green arrangement (Glass container optional)
Trifoliate orange, mum, leched branch,Leucodendron and green
Sensei's demo with all green leaves and carnation
3) In a Suiban without Kenzan: I want to point it out here that I should not use driftwood to secure the branches. I did this arrangement many times before, I just wanted to try something different. Sensei said it's a no no!
Sensei's demo, showing the water is important 
My arrangement, driftwood used as kenzan, should not be allowed. 
In this class, there is no way that I can take a good picture. I have to apologize for that, because there is no background behind the arrangement. But I like to post all the arrangements here as my record of my work, also as my monthly journal.

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