Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sogetsu BuxMont Study Group Exhibition - " Fall into Ikebana "

The exhibition was held on 10/8/2016. The study group members had been working so hard and attentively. We had more than 25 arrangements plus a huge beautiful center piece by our teacher Meei Huey Lin . It was a successful exhibition and attracted more than a hundred people to come to see it.
At first, l would like to show my two arrangements:
1) " Wandering Around Nature"  is a traditional free style design. I followed the theme using a piece of long vine (wild grape vine?), it is soft enough to bend around my old Japanese ceramic vase.   Seasonal Firethorn berry, Hydrangea and not so dried Hosta leaves to complete my arrangement.
2) " Moon Shine" is a contemporary design. This metallic crescent moon with silvery Allium seed pods and hydrangea symbolizes the shining stars in the October Autumn sky.
The third picture is our teacher's center piece, it is really beautiful! The rest of other pictures follow below.

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