Saturday, October 22, 2016

Back to Basic and Free Style- Hata Sensei's Class

This month's lessons continue our study of basics. It's a good thing that I must review all over again. Especially because I should practice these arrangements from behind, as a teacher or demonstrator would do.
Lesson 1) Basic Upright Style Moribana.
Lesson 2) Basic Upright Style Nageire.
Lesson 3) Free Style: Using Fall Color or Practice and prepare for annual Ikebana exhibition at Long wood Gardens. It will be the last weekend of October (10/29-10/30/2016).
Lesson 1 upright style Moribana
Lesson 2 upright style Nageire
My practice and prepare for Long wood Gardens.
Material: Drift wood, Winter berry, ornamental cabbage, mum,
 statice and green. Container: Pottery  

My Fall arrangement
Vine, hydrangea, mum, nandinar, winter berry and
green in the ceramic tall vase 

Free Style: Hata sensei's demo, front view 

The view from back,  I like this side better
Hata Sensei's another demo

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