Saturday, November 5, 2016

October - November Orchid Bloom

Bucks County Orchid Society (BCOS) held an orchids auction at our October meeting. Since we have moved to our much smaller house, our sun room is only half the size of the old one. Therefore I have to reduce my orchids collection to accommodate the new sun room. So, I donated some of my orchids to BCOS. I know someone there can take good care of my orchids, I won't feel so sad.
Now, my sun room looks like a small jungle. It also functions as an Ikebana room (it has granite counter top, sink, underneath the cabinets are full of my container collection). I always thought how fortunate I am! I have my very own hobby place. Whenever I need to be alone, I go there to read, to do flower arrangement, meditation or even daydream...
My sun room or Ikebana room

Cat. "Roman Holiday". Left one faded, right one still blooming  

Bllra. Pacific Treasures "Everything Nice"

Onc. Xenia, strong fragrant 
"Lady of the night" Fragrant 
Long lasting flower. 


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