Saturday, November 19, 2016

My Ikebana Room

Three years ago, we bought a very old house (1950?) because of its location; It's near a park and has beautiful surroundings. We also kept in mind that our daughter, who is an architect, could redesign the house and have a builder renovate it for us. We have moved into this new, downsized (after 21 years living in a big house), smaller house. Now it's only two of us living here. Thanks to our daughter! This is a lovely home, well designed, cozy and comfortable. Especially, I have my own place to work, the sun room or Ikebana room. Watering my orchids is no longer cumbersome. Arranging my Ikebana is enjoyable with no mess. I always feel that I am so fortunate! For that, I am very thankful!    
Inside the cabinets are full of Ikebana containers  

I painted the oil paintings on the wall few years ago.
The book case is full of Ikebana, orchid, and garden books

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