Monday, November 7, 2016

Ikebana International Exhibition at Longwood Gardens

Last month, I was busy preparing for exhibitions. One for our Sogetsu BuxMont Study Group(see my last post), one for Longwood Gardens annual Ikebana International show (Philadelphia chapter). This year, as in the past, we are part of the annual Chrysanthemum Festival. This was my first time to participate at the Longwood Gardens exhibition(10/29-10/30/2016) along with other three major Ikebana schools ( Sogetsu, Ohara and Ikenobo). There were 22 arrangements in total. My arrangement was displayed on the 16"x 16"x 32" high pedestal. I am happy with my arrangement.
The material: winter berry, pink ornamental cabbage, red and 
 pink mum (placed in the back), statice, drift wood and green

The purple ornamental cabbage was no longer good for exhibition.
 I changed pink one instead (see above picture).  
The huge arrangement by Sogetsu Buxmont Study Group
member. Chih Huang, June Wu and Doris Liu  

The big arrangement by Ohara school 

By Pat
By Mary
By Betty ( center )

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