Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Best Mother's Day Gift

Guess what was my best Mother's Day gift this year? It was when my youngest daughter handed me a card. The last sentence said "Peter and I can't wait to tell you that I am pregnant." I threw the card in the air, crying out and jumping up and down. Joyfully surprised! After all those years, she has been too busy and devoted to her brand new high school in New York City. It has been into the fifth year now, and the Queens High School for Language Study (QHSLS) has established a good reputation and recognized as excellent public high school. We are so proud of her! She is always busy with her school as principal, no time to think about starting a family until the school is functioning well. This summer will be the second graduation! Now, we all in the family are full of joy and blessing.
The new addition of our family member will be our fifth grandchild!

Below were the flowers she brought home for me for the mother's day. l used a portion of them for this arrangement. (5/13/2018 Mother's Day)

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