Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Three Arrangements: Basic and Free Style

We had three lessons in Hata Sensei's class on 5/21/2018.
1) Slanting Style Moribana: My materials are all pink color. Weigela branches and mum in a ceramic suipan. We are still practicing the basic style.( In book 2-12)
2) Intertwining Plant Materials: Book 3-16.
 Siberian dogwood branch and kiwi vine were intertwined, added Hydrangea and hosta. The twist designed ceramic tall vase matches my arrangement.
My arrangement

By classmate
By classmate

3) Suiban Without Kenzan: Book 5-8
Three Pieris Japonica branches and one weigela
Azalea and Gerbera Daisy by Hata Sensei

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