Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hata Sensei's class for January 18 :

We have three lessons for January.
1) Simplified Arrangement: The simplified arrangement is that you have to go through the trimming process to the ultimate limitation and still show its original beautiful line.
Japanese quince and a Alstroemeria in a ceramic vase (in the class)

Japaniese quince and mum in a ceramic basket
I arranged at home

2) Slanting Style Nageire Variation #2: I arranged in the class and at home. It was a good practice again, I used the black pine for Shin and soe, and mum for hikae.

3) Free style with Difficult Container: Philodendron, mum,driftwood and vine. I arranged it in the class and at home. I am not really happy about my own arrangement. Hata sensei suggested using two branches or other materials to cross each other and.....
I hardly use this container because I think it's a bit difficult,
 but I have to try it this time.

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