Thursday, January 19, 2017

3 Basic Style Variation

Again, we review and refresh the basic style in Hata Sensei's class this month.(1/16/2017)
1) Basic Slanting Style Moribana ( Shin45 degree,Soe15 degree, Hikae75 degree)
2) Basic Slanting  Style Nageire    (Same as above)
3) Variation No.1 Upright Style, Moribana or Nageire of your choice (Shin 15, Soe 45 Hikae 75)
I think I have been very good at all the fundamental arrangements. To make each basic style arrangement requires not only placing the 3 main stems (Shin, Soe and Hikae) right in all angles but also to make them pretty, balanced and harmonious.
Hata sensei's basic slanting style (1)
 My basic slanting style (1)
My basic slanting style (2)
Marcia's basic slanting (2)
My basic upright style (3)

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