Monday, January 30, 2017

"Winter - Inspiring Images and Ikebana"

"New Hope Art embraces the season and celebrates two forms of visual art in the themed exhibition from January 21-29. The exhibition, featuring paintings and photographs by invited member- artists, also showcases unique inspired Winter floral by the Sogetsu Bux- Mont Study Group- a regional non profit organization of teachers and students of Ikebana- Japanese flower arranging."

We had five arrangements in total along with artists' paintings and photographers' pictures exhibited in the New Hope Art Center. Each arrangement was displayed on its own grey platform and pedestal, except the one on the stage.
1) "Window's Pane and Beauty" by June Wu, Betty Tsai, Ying Chen. There were several individual arrangements put together as a whole on the stage by three of our study group members.
2) "A Midwinter Night's Dream" by Lynn J. Lee. A rather big arrangement by me. It should be viewed from all around. In my imagination or dream, the silvery alliums could be snow flakes, fairies or stars on a winter night.
Materials: bitter sweet, mum, carnation, Winter berry, Siberian dogwood, Statice, Hinoki, Nadina, dried allium and hydrangea.
3) "New Year, New Hope" The year of the rooster, by Chih Huang
4) "Three Friends of Winter" Pine, Bamboo and Plum 松竹梅 歲寒三友(Suihan Sanyou), by Doris C. Liu, Mary Swierczynski
5) "Stillness, Calm" by  Grazynka Shaarani
1) Stage Arrangement

2) front view
2) Silvery Allium as snow flake
2) Back view is beautiful too
4) "Three Friends of Winter"
3) "New Year, New Hope"
5) "Stillness, Calm"

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