Friday, January 20, 2017

January Orchid Bloom

I brought three orchid plants to the January meeting on 1/19/2017 and was lucky enough to win a raffle for a budded Cattleya orchid. January is the month of cymbidium blooms. I gave away the biggest among them to the orchid society to avoid dividing them myself and because they took up so much room. This year, out of the five I have left, only two are blooming.
Cym. "Moonstone". Three stems, easy to bloom and dependable.
Cym. 2nd stem is growing in the back.
This is my raffled compact Cat. (no I.D.)

Large Cat, fragrant

Cat," Hawaiian Lightening". Too bad! only one flower.
The 2nd stem in back
Pinocchio keep going...

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