Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hata Sensei's Class for September

After July and August's break, we were so happy to resume Hata Sensei's class again. On September 18, Our Main Line Sogetsu Study Group started a new Ikebana year with three lessons:
1) Variation #3 Slanting Style Moribana  book 2-3 p.70. Try to challenge yourself and arrange basic lessons from behind. My material: Berry branch, zinnia, Helenium /square ceramic container.
2) Freestyle  Using Fall grasses: Pamper grass, wheat grass, grey blue grass with hydrangea, aster and purple round ball flower (don't know the name)/ Tall bamboo basket. 
3) Miniatures  book 5-15 p.74: Must use five mini containers or more.

I love this haiku very much: "Autumn Grasses"  by Buson  1716-1783. I like to share with you.

Grasses are misty
The water silent
A tranquil evening.  
2) Free Style Using Fall Grasses

Added background
1) Slanting style moribana
3) My design with five mini containers

Midori Sensei designed this beautiful miniature arrangement

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