Friday, September 29, 2017

Soho Sakai Sensei Demostration

I.I. Philadelphia Chapter, in September meeting is our opening luncheon featured the Sogetsu School. Demonstration by Soho Sakai, a Riji, AIFD level teacher. She is always in high demand as a demonstrator. Who is from the Bay area in California. We were very proud to host her. I'm glad I attended meeting and workshops. I learned many new techniques, such as using a plastic sheet and electrical ties to form a sculpture. The Brandy wine study group took advantage and organized a bamboo workshop. So she gave a demonstration using bamboo as container. Afterwards, she gave her critiques and was very kind and humorous. So, it was a busy long weekend of workshops and learning!
Below were Soho Sakai Sensei's demo arrangements:

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